Sol Mamakwa MPP for Kiiwetinoong

Government of Ontario

Mamakwa demands support for Neskantaga evacuation during public health emergency

Published on October 20, 2020

SIOUX LOOKOUT – Sol Mamakwa, NDP MPP for Kiiwetinoong, is calling on Doug Ford to make every effort to support the residents of Neskantaga who are being evacuated due to the complete shutdown of all running water.

“Doug Ford must ensure that the provincial government supports the evacuation of elders, children and the most vulnerable in the community who need assistance immediately.

Losing running water to the entire community during COVID-19 is a disaster, and can put the lives of residents at risk. All services have been shut down due to the public health emergency, including health services and schools.

After 9,393 days (over 25 years) without clean water, the community now has to endure no-water-at-all. What will it take for the Ford government to take action?

Would this be allowed to happen to non-First Nations communities? Are we less than human in the premier's eyes?

Doug Ford must support the evacuation of Neskantaga now and then help solve the clean water issue in the community once and for all.”